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muslim shadi cards

Arabic Wording
Gold & Silver Inscription
Calligraphy & Arabesque

hindu shadi cards

Traditional & Ornamental
Symbol of the Ganesh
Dupatta Patterns

sikh shadi cards

Filigree Sikh Khanda
Dulhan Baraat
Elaborate Embossing

Shadi Cards

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  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
  • shadi cards
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  • shadi cards

Wedding cards for that special day. We offer exclusive Asian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh shadi cards. A London based wedding stationery company that manufactures all its products at its Ilford premises. We can customise your stationery exactly and precisely to your more about Special Shaadi Cards

Blog & Latest News

Suni Traditional Pakistani Ceremonies
Traditionally there are 6 ceremonies in a Pakistani Wedding. Here is a list of some well known ones and some not so. Read about the ceremonies here.

Suni Cakes!
Cakes are getting taller, funkier and have become a huge part of the wedding theme, with cakes to match the brides dress from cakes to matching decorations...


I came and picked up my cards yesterday. Thank you very much, you've done a splendid job. I had 85 pounds remaining to pay and gave your employee 90 pounds. He said he didn't have change and gave me 10 pounds back along with your company bank details. So I am just writing to let you know that I have paid the remaining 5 pounds into your company account.

– Laila Parveen

Thank you so much for the cards everyone loves it i appreciate thank you

– Nav