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How long does the insert-printing process take?
Once we receive your order for insert printing, we will arrange the layout to the appropriate size and font for your chosen card, add symbols you may have requested and then email, fax or post you a proof of the insert for your perusal. It is then your responsibility to check the proof and notify us of errors, your or ours, to ensure that the spellings, layout and the size of text is exactly to your requirement. Should you require any alterations at this stage please let us know and we will rectify it and email an amended version for your approval. This service is free of charge. Before proceeding with insert printing we will require a written confirmation from yourselves that all is satisfactory and ready to go to print. Once you have approved an artwork/insert layout and the job has been printed and then an error is spotted, you will be liable for the full charge of reprinting your invitations. So it is highly important that you check and double check your insert before giving us the go ahead. Your order should be with you within 3/4 days after receiving your artwork approval.