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Traditional Pakistani Ceremonies

Traditionally, Pakistani Weddings have 6 ceremonies (there may be more!). Here are well known and some not so well known traditions leading up to the big day:

The Mangni - formal engagement of the couple, with a few important family members and where the wedding date is decided.

Dolki - a popular ceremony of singing traditional wedding & popular songs accompanied by two or three percussion instruments. The bride wears a traditional yellow outfit.

Rasm E Mehndi - henna party a day before the wedding, where henna is applied to the brides hand and feet. Mehndi is applied in beautiful floral designs and sometimes the grooms name is written in the designs for him to find later.

Nikah - purely Islamic official wedding ceremony, that usually takes place at the brides home, the nikah is attended by close family members.

Ruksati - ceremony to bid farewell to the bride before her departure to the grooms house.

Walima - is the ceremony to announce the wedding to community and friends. It's a grand reception hosted by the groom's parents. Relatives, friends and community people are invited to the reception and wedding is celebrated with great fun and festivities.

So there you have it, lots of partying, food and beautiful elaborate outfits!